Brain Injury

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Brain injuries that result from accidents are traumatic brain injuries (TBI) because the injury to the brain was caused by some type of external force exerted on the body. Traumatic brain injuries can occur from something piercing the head and brain or by the violent motion of the body causing the brain to bang about inside the skull. 

Injuries can range from relatively mild to life-threatening so it’s important to get an accurate diagnosis as quickly as possible after the injury occurs. Milder brain injuries are usually temporary but more severe brain injuries can result in permanent disability. 

At the Law Offices of Joseph Rome, we work with clients who have suffered brain injuries and have seen how difficult it can be for people to heal from an injured brain. Our Kirkland brain injury attorney understands the challenges clients face and makes sure each client recovers the compensation they are entitled to.

Diagnosing a Traumatic Brain Injury

Traumatic brain injuries are diagnosed based on their severity which is determined by a person’s behavior immediately following a trauma to the head. An initial diagnosis may change because some symptoms may not appear until days or even weeks after the injury.

  • Mild – A person with a mild traumatic brain injury may have a headache, be dizzy or tired, have a sick stomach, and trouble speaking. They may experience sensory disruptions, moodiness, and changes in sleep patterns. There is usually little or no loss of consciousness.
  • Moderate – A person who has suffered a moderate TBI may have lost consciousness for up to 24 hours. Brain imaging will show signs of injury such as bleeding or contusions.
  • Severe – A person has experienced a severe brain injury when consciousness is lost for more than 24 hours. Brain imaging reveals more serious signs of damage.

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How a Brain Injury Can Affect You

The more severe a brain injury is, the more likely that further damage may develop over time and the greater the urgency to prevent further injury. The initial injury is known as the primary injury and injuries that develop over time as a result of the primary injury are called secondary injuries.

Primary injuries – Surgery may be required to remove or repair damaged tissue. Some serious primary brain injuries include:

  • blood clots
  • brain bleeding
  • skull fracture
  • intracranial pressure caused by swelling
  • tearing of nerve fibers

Secondary injuries
– Biochemical changes may develop over time as the result of the primary injuries. Secondary injuries may include:

  • lack of oxygen to the brain
  • increased levels of carbon dioxide in the blood
  • changes in blood pressure
  • swelling of the brain
  • infection

Compensation You Can Recover for a Brain Injury

The compensation that can be recovered for a brain injury claim includes expenses that have been incurred and income or property that was lost or damaged. A person suffering a brain injury is also allowed to be compensated for the unpleasant experience and how it will forever impact their life.

A compensation award will usually include amounts for any of the following kinds of damage.

  • medical expenses and the cost for future medical treatment
  • lost income and lost earning potential
  • property damage
  • pain & suffering
  • emotional distress
  • diminished ability to enjoy life

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How We Can Help?

A person’s whole life can change after a brain injury. Brain injury cases can be complex because injuries to the brain affect people differently and the extent of the damage may be hard to quantify. Brain injuries can have devastating long-term effects resulting in permanent impairment and the need for ongoing medical treatment.

An attorney experienced in handling brain injury cases will know how to evaluate your brain injury and be able to factor the many possible outcomes from your injuries into your compensation award.

The Kirkland brain injury lawyer at Law Offices of Joseph Rome knows the likely impact of various brain injuries and relentlessly pursues the best possible recovery for each client. You don’t pay anything until we win your case.

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