Police Misconduct

What is Police Misconduct?

Washington law states that police misconduct occurs when an officer commits an unauthorized act, as with:

  • Using excessive force
  • Performing an unlawful search and seizure
  • Committing a false arrest
  • Engaging in police brutality

Misconduct can also occur if the police fail to perform some lawful act, like protecting the public from harm.

How is Justice Upheld in Police Misconduct Cases?

There are three main remedies for victims of police misconduct. These include:

  • Filing a complaint with the police department
  • Asking a court to exclude any evidence that might have been gathered as a result of the misconduct
  • Filing a Section 1983 civil rights lawsuit

A 1983 claim essentially tries to hold officers liable for civil rights violations.  A successful claim can lead to monetary compensation and/or a court order that tries to prevent the misconduct from happening in the future.

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How Can We Help?

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