Mission Statement

Our Mission Statement, Philosophies, and Goals

Since 2012, we have worked tirelessly to obtain successful outcomes for my clients in Washington State. We have obtained successful outcomes in jury verdicts, arbitrations, mediations, and settlements. We will often retain top experts to assist in securing positive outcomes for our clients. Because of our diligent work we have been able to help obtain millions of dollars for injured victims.

Our Mission

We have vowed only to represent individuals who have suffered a personal injury or are victims of government wrongful actions. The idea is that individual victims should have strong representation to combat the insurance companies, corporations, and government agencies. We treat every client as if they are our only client. Early in the process we ascertain our client’s situation and needs and come up with a plan to produce a successful result. Joseph Rome personally handles and is involved in all aspects of the client’s personal injury case.

Our Philosophy

We listen, and know your case is important. Every client of ours will be treated with respect and compassion. Our office will always treat each client as if they are family. Joseph Rome takes pride in personally being involved in every case from the beginning to resolution.

Call Joseph Rome today at (425) 429-1729. Our firm wants to help you fight for the compensation you deserve!

Our Goals

To obtain timely successful resolution for our clients while maximizing their recovery. In doing so we hope to help repair lives and make the injured person as whole as possible. To have successful resolution, we realize there may be situations where we must go to trial. We work closely with our clients to make the process as simple and comfortable as possible. Because of our dedication to our clients our firm often gains long term client trust and loyalty.

Our Promise

We promise to be honest with our clients even if it is not what they want to hear. Brutal honesty is what we live by and is the only way mutual trust can be gained. Phone calls and emails will be returned promptly and with care. We will take as much time to explain legal processes as necessary, and we will not lose patience. Assisting clients in feeling comfortable with the legal process is very important to our firm. Finally, we care about results, we promise to pay attention to every detail and do what it takes to maximize your recovery.

If you have other questions about our office or would like a free consultation, please contact us. We look forward to hearing from you.