Why You Shouldn’t Drive Without Uninsured Motorist Coverage

In Washington, like most states, drivers are required to demonstrate financial responsibility for injuries and property damage they might cause to others while driving. Most drivers achieve this by purchasing the state’s minimum required motor vehicle insurance. But the minimum required insurance limits are just that – minimum. When car accidents occur, the injuries and […]

Highway 18 – One Of Washington State’s Most Dangerous Roads

If you have occasion to travel from eastern Washington to the south sound area or back the other way, you may be familiar with Highway 18. Highway 18 provides a handy way to bypass Seattle to connect Snoqualmie Pass and Tacoma. Highway 18 began as a rural two-lane highway traversing the south side of Tiger […]

New Legislation Increases Police Accountability In Washington State

New Legislation Increases Police Accountability In Washington State In the midst of the public outcry across the nation calling for police practice reforms and greater accountability for the use of force, Washington has recently passed laws designed to provide clarity about how and when force can be used and make police more accountable for misconduct. […]

Traumatic Brain Injuries – How To Know If You’ve Had One

People may be under the impression that for a brain injury to occur something pretty severe needs to happen. And often, traumatic brain injuries (TBI) are the result of serious accidents. But they can also be the result of accidents that don’t seem quite so bad from the outside. The brain is very soft. The […]

Car Accidents Spike During Winter Holidays

The holidays are a busy time for most people. From about Thanksgiving through New Year’s people tend to get together more and celebrate more. People are driving later and they may be more distracted than usual. Add in winter road conditions and it becomes a recipe for more traffic accidents. At the Law Offices of […]