Kirkland car accidents that demonstrate why we need to drive safer:

Woman Texting On Phone And Driving CarThe holidays are coming up, and that means more people are in a rush and paying less attention when driving from place to place. NHTSA conducted a study and determined that 41% of all drivers state that the pre-crash event that led to the accident was inattention and internal or external distractions.
What came as a surprise is that 8.4% related that excessive speeding caused the accident. The other leading pre-accident activities that caused collisions where, turning or crossing at an intersection, driving off the edge of the road.
I’m not sure I am necessarily on board with this study. Speeds too fast for conditions must be a larger contributor to accidents that this study suggests. Either, it is always better to be safe and maintain appropriate speeds for the conditions. I do agree that distracted driving is a serious problem. Cell phones are probably the most dangerous thing that can be brought into the car.
Again, I am just asking everyone to drive a little safer for not only the holidays but always. There is no where you need to go so fast or any call that is so important that it is worth putting yourself, your loved ones and others in danger.
Recent examples of Kirkland car accidents that demonstrate why we need to drive safer: 
• Just last month a man was walking his dog in a crosswalk in Kirkland. He was fatally struck by a car making a left turn. The driver stated she did not see the pedestrian, although reports suggest there are no obstructions, and the crosswalk is very clear. The full article from the Redmond Reporter.
• Later in September 2014 and single car accident in Kirkland caused the death of the “alleged” driver and severe injuries to the passenger. The police investigators believe speeding caused the accident. Although, after further investigation the Kirkland Police now believe the real driver survived and fled the scene. Read the Kirkland Report’s the follow up story here.
Point of this information is to encourage safety. These injuries and fatalities are 100% avoidable, and no one should have to lose a loved one because of the negligent acts of others.