How To Find A Good DUI Attorney

How do I find a Good Washington State DUI lawyer?

1. Family and friends

The first place to look would obviously be the people close to you. I know it could be embarrassing to ask a friend about a Washington DUI attorney, but you never know. You may be surprised at how common of a charge DUI really is.  The attorney also will appreciate the referral. Be careful, not all attorneys are equal and not all good attorneys are good DUI attorneys.

2. Other attorneys

Many attorneys socialize in the same circles and know other attorneys. For example, your estate panning attorney might have gone to school with an excellent Washington criminal defense attorney. Still, even if you get a referral from another attorney, make sure you still research the referred attorney.

3. National College for DUI Defense (

Nation College for DUI Defense is the leading national DUI defense organization. They offer several yearly seminars and training sessions to help improve the DUI defense Bar. NCDD also provides a very strong and supportive list serve to compliment the DUI practice. See my profile here.


Super Lawyers magazine or website is a good place to start. Unlike many other websites only a select few attorneys who have been honored as Super Lawyers or Rising Stars will be on the site. Click here to see their selection process. My profile is here


Avvo is a ground breaking website, which has created a mysterious algorithm to rank lawyers on a scale of 1-10. I am not sure you can really read much into the number ranking, however avvo is a good place to go to find a local attorney and read reviews from both former clients and colleagues. Click here to see my profile on Avvo.

6. Google, Bing and Yahoo

These are search engines that either the DUI attorney paid for placement or the search engines have placed the accordingly to their idea of the relevance of the content and links to the website. Once you get to a DUI attorneys website you will only see what that attorney wants you to see.
There are tons of Washington DUI attorneys out there and it is important that you find the right one for you. The best advice would be to research several and narrow it down to a handful. Once you have a few narrowed down, utilize their free consultation. Talk to the DUI attorney, get to know them and select the best one for you. If you are in need of a Washington State DUI attorney contact us to schedule a free consultation.