First Washington DUI

Fist Washington DUI, should I be worried?

You’ve been a good driver, with a clean record, you have a good job and are a pillar of the community. You got pulled over and arrested for a Washington state DUI, should you be worried?
The Simple answer is, yes. However, for most people it is not the end of the world but it is serious. You will be facing the possibility of mandatory jail, classes, license suspension, and very large fines plus all the extra costs. For many people there may be addition worries such as, will I lose my job? Are their immigration consequences?

Unfortunately, every Washington DUI case is different and everyone’s situation is unique, but there areDUI defenses. By hiring an experienced Washington DUI attorney  that attorney will be able to help ease your worries and explain the possible best solutions to your case. The DUI lawyer will be able to negotiate a possible reduction or plea agreement and advise you if going to trial is your best option.

When should you contact a Washington DUI Lawyer

I believe it is best to contact and hire a DUI attorney as soon as possible. It is important that your attorney has enough to gather and preserve evidence and prepare you for arraignment. This is especially true for case where the BAC result is higher than a 0.15 or where there are multiple charges or offenses.  It is also wise to remember that you only have 20 days to request a DOL hearing; your attorney can assist you with that too.

Arrest for First DUI, should you be worried?

Again, yes. Although with the right representation many of the worries can be dispelled. It is more important to stop worrying and focus on resolving your case in the best manner possible. This is just a quick summary, so please contact us if you have other questions.