Strategies Insurance Companies Use Against You

I don’t recall ever hearing from anyone that has been injured by a third-party that dealing with their insurance company was easy. Because of this anomaly is why so many injured people seek out attorneys. The reality is that insurance adjuster’s jobs are to make the process as difficult as possible within the boundaries of […]

How to be prepared for a Washington State car accident

The unfortunate reality is that it’s not if you will be in a car accident it’s when. Excepting that reality will help you prepare for the inevitable. Below are some general tips. Please don’t allow this information to substitute the benefit of seeking out a qualified car accident attorney. 1. Have an auto accident plan […]

Kirkland car accidents that demonstrate why we need to drive safer:

The holidays are coming up, and that means more people are in a rush and paying less attention when driving from place to place. NHTSA conducted a study and determined that 41% of all drivers state that the pre-crash event that led to the accident was inattention and internal or external distractions. What came as […]

America's Best Drivers Report. Where does Seattle Rank? Surpised?

The 10th Anniversary Allstate’s America’s Best Drivers Report was released and it is no surprise to me Seattle, Washington is ranked 173rd place out of 200. What is interesting is that Portland, the hipster city to the South is right behind us in 177th place. According to the report Seattle drivers have an average of 7.4 […]