Car Accidents Spike During Winter Holidays

The holidays are a busy time for most people. From about Thanksgiving through New Year’s people tend to get together more and celebrate more. People are driving later and they may be more distracted than usual. Add in winter road conditions and it becomes a recipe for more traffic accidents.

At the Law Offices of Joseph Rome, we understand that it’s never in anyone’s plans to get into a car accident – especially with so much going on during the holidays. Our Kirkland car accident attorney hopes to help people recognize the circumstances that can lead to holiday accidents and keep more people safe on Washington’s roads this season.

Why Auto Accidents Increase Around the Holidays

According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), car accidents increase during the holidays for 3 main reasons.

  • more people are on the roads and driving longer
  • more alcohol is being consumed
  • people are driving faster

Recent NHTSA reports show that about 95 people are killed in traffic accidents each day in the US during the period between Christmas and New Year’s.

Other factors that holiday fatality accidents have in common are that almost 65% occur at night and close to 45% happen in adverse weather conditions.

Driver carelessness, distraction, and drowsiness also contribute to the higher incidence of accidents.

How to Reduce Your Chances of Being in a Car Accident During the Holidays

Being more aware of the increased risk on the roads and taking precautions to minimize your chances of getting in a traffic accident can help to make sure your holidays stay happy. The following suggestions will help keep you and your loved ones driving safely.

  • Plan adequately for potential driving conditions – check the weather report, make sure your vehicle is properly equipped, adjust your driving to accommodate road and traffic hazards
  • Don’t drive impaired – and don’t ride with anyone that may be impaired – there are plenty of safe ride services available
  • Don’t let yourself be distracted – holidays offer even more competition for your attention, driving needs your focus
  • Give yourself plenty of time and your vehicle plenty of space – you won’t feel rushed to drive faster and you will give yourself more time to react in an emergency situation
  • Plan your trips – if you don’t have to, don’t drive at night when other people are driving home from parties and other holiday gatherings
  • Buckle up – wearing a seatbelt reduces serious injuries and fatalities in car crashes by about 50% reports the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC)

What to Do if You Get Injured in a Car Accident

The unfortunate reality is that even when you do all you can to ensure your safety while driving you can’t predict what others on the road may do. Traffic accidents are going to happen and people will have to deal with unpleasant situations that they simply could not avoid.

Although dealing with the aftermath of auto accidents is a fairly routine practice to the Kirkland car accident lawyer at the Law Offices of Joseph Rome, we understand how traumatic and disrupting car accidents are to the lives of each of our clients.

We provide compassionate counsel to assist our clients through a very difficult time and aggressive advocacy to make sure they receive the maximum amount of compensation for the damages they have suffered.

If you have been injured in a car accident, call 425-429-1729 to schedule a free consultation with attorney Joseph Rome or contact our office and let 15+ years of legal experience work for you.