America's Best Drivers Report. Where does Seattle Rank? Surpised?

car accidentThe 10th Anniversary Allstate’s America’s Best Drivers Report was released and it is no surprise to me Seattle, Washington is ranked 173rd place out of 200. What is interesting is that Portland, the hipster city to the South is right behind us in 177th place.
According to the report Seattle drivers have an average of 7.4 years between car accidents, 36% more likely than the national average. Other Washington State cities made the list: Spokane ranks 71st and Vancouver, WA stays within the top 100 at 94th place.
So, what does this mean? If you believe these statistics you might want to be alarmed. Metropolitan Seattle is a dangerous place to drive. If a Seattleite is to drive until they are 86 years old, there is a strong likelihood they will be in 10 car accidents during their lifetime. At first this sounded ridiculous, but I’ve been driving for about 20 years and I’ve already been in four car accidents. However, none were my fault.
It is evident that you must use great caution on the roadways to avoid auto collisions and accidents. We all see horrible car accidents every day to and from work. If you happened to be involved in an car crash in the Seattle area, please don’t hesitate to contact my office. Drive safely!