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Dog Bite Injury Cases

How to Approach Dog Bites: Prevention Tips and Your Legal Options

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) report more than 4.7 million dog-bite cases each year. About 20% of these victims receive some form of medical attention for the bite, while a little less than 10% require emergency treatment.

The scariest part of these statistics is that half of U.S. dog-bite cases involve children.

Dogs make great pets—and if you have one, you know. But when a dog isn’t familiar with someone, the animal may get aggressive. This can happen when a dog is on its home turf or when it’s in public—regardless, it is important to be mindful of the circumstances. Read more

Superhero kitty cat fights off an evil dog attack to save a young boys life.

This is one of the more amazing videos I have seen recently. A young boy was riding a little bicycle when apparently the neighbor’s dog got loose and charged the boy and grabs his leg.  Out of nowhere the superhero house cat came to the boys rescue.  The cat charged and side-swiped the dog, knocked it off the boy. The cat then chased the dog off the property.  It was reported by the mother that the boy received a few stiches and will be fine.  Click to see video

The break down to this story in regards to Washington State dog bite laws: Read more