Several months ago I got in an accident that was NOT my fault but ended up with a DUI because I was slightly above the limit. I was of course scared and angry, but thankfully not hurt. I was not sure if I was liable for everything since I didn’t cause the accident itself. It was complicated. Needless to say I had a LOT of questions.
Joseph sat with me while I vented and answered my miriade of questions. He then set to work on defending me in the best possible way. I did have to be accountable and responsible for my actions, but he got my DUI reduced to Wreckless Driving and I was not on the hook for the accident and the other person’s damage. It was THEIR fault!
I have dealt with one lawyer previously and she seemed like I burdened her with my questions. Even told me to relax and stop calling. Really?? I got my retainer back!!! Mr. Rome was not like that at all. Joseph Rome and his staff treated me like a person, someone who deserved their time and respect, and not just “another case”. They recognized that I was a good person in a bad situation. I really appreciate not only what he did for me, but how he interacted with me.
If you need representation, someone to listen and help, call this law office. You’re going to like your results, I can guarantee it.
– Nina