Professional and knowledgeable

Mr. Rome handled my case very professionally, even the judge commented at the level of professionalism. I was accused of crimes I didn’t commit. Thanks to his representation he was able to show the jury I was not guilty of the crimes I was being charged with. He was very friendly, polite, and hardworking. I really appreciate everything he did. I… Read On

Joseph Rome excels

Mr. Rome represented me in a 4th degree domestic assault charge. I felt innocent and refused plea bargain after plea bargain and elected to go to trial. Mr. Rome outlined the risks for me but never questioned my desire for a trial. He prepared me well for trial. At the last moment, the prosecutor recommended dismissal of charges and the judge ag… Read On

Super Attorney for Scared DUI Defendant

Several months ago I got in an accident that was NOT my fault but ended up with a DUI because I was slightly above the limit. I was of course scared and angry, but thankfully not hurt. I was not sure if I was liable for everything since I didn’t cause the accident itself. It was complicated. Needless to say I had a LOT of questions. Joseph s… Read On

Good Honest Lawyer

If you need a good honest lawyer this is the guy you should be looking for. I recently got stopped for dui/marijuana possession and thought things were over for me. I went to a few different lawyers before I had met Joe but I had felt like none of them wanted to really fight for me or thought I had a chance except for Joe. Truthfully I was worri… Read On

Dedicated Lawyer

My first day in court I had no clue what to do or what to plea. Joe took me under his wing, and ended up getting the DUI dropped after a few months of hard work. I would highly recommend Joseph to anyone with a DUI case, and to anyone in trouble in general and in need of a knowledge, dedicated lawyer. I cannot thank Joe enough for what he did f… Read On

Thank You!

I contracted Mr. Rome for a criminal matter and all I had to do was have the first conversation with him on the phone. He handled everything else. Case dismissed. Thank you Joseph!! Read On

Extremely Friendly

Joe was extremely friendly, helpful and prompt in working with me. He replied promptly to all phone calls and e-mails. My case was pretty complex and involved driving on a suspended license, no insurance, and no seatbelt. Joe appeared on my behalf, in court, recalled my warrant and the case was closed. His fees were very reasonable. Overall, Joe… Read On

Simply the Best

…He was very nice and also knew what he was doing. He helped me get out of a bad situation that I was in. Mr. Rome kept me up to date every time that there was something new. I can tell you that I don’t think that there is a Lawyer out there that would do what he did….I would recommend Mr. Rome to anyone….Simply The Best Read On

Excellent Attorney

Mr. Rome was an excellent attorney and I would recommend him to anyone needing a good criminal defense attorney. I was pleasantly surprised at the level of professionalism and service I received from Mr. Rome. He was very attentive when listening to my story, provided many alternatives on how to proceed with the case, and most importantly, exce… Read On

Smart, Confident, Good Person, Great Lawyer, Go To Guy

I was pulled over then arrested for DUI, open container and resisting arrest. Making a appearance on my first court date meeting with a public defender it was very uneasy feeling. I sought legal help. That’s when I found and heard of Joseph Rome from the internet, friend, and the public defender being highly regarded. I consulted with him and de… Read On

All Is Great!

I live in Washington State; I found Joseph on Google, and only had phone and email conversations with him – I hired Joseph after speaking with him on the phone and researching him online. I felt that he was the Attorney to hire, never meeting him in person, I was still wondering if I was taking a big risk. But, Joseph exceeded my expectations, t… Read On