A Washington “Slip and fall” occurs when a person is harmed or injured by falling, tripping, or slipping because of a dangerous condition on the premises. Some common reason “slip and fall” accident happen are due to defects in floors, wet floors, badly lit areas, for example stairs or steps. “Slip and falls” can happen outside as well, because of things like weather related dangers, potholes, poorly lit areas and so on…

It is very possible that if you have been injured in a private or public area, because of a dangerous condition you might have a claim for financial compensation due to your injuries.

For the most part “slip and fall” claims fall under the personal injury category of premise liability law.  Just because you had a slip “slip and fall” accident on another person’s property to not always necessary give rise to a premise liability claim in Washington State. To determine is a Premise liability action can be made; it involves intense research and investigation. This is why it is extremely important to contact an attorney.

Washington State Premise Liability Claims

A property owner may be found liable if a person is injured on their property if:

  • The property owed the person how has been injured a “duty of care”; and
  • That “duty of care” was breached

Your Washington State “slip and fall” case may depend on your “status”

In Washington a visitor to property is basically broken down into four categories, each category the property owner will owe a different “duty of care.” A property owner will owe a trespasser the least “duty of care.”

  1. Invite
  2. Social Guest
  3. Licensee
  4. Trespasser

What should I do if I have been injured on someone’s property?

  • Take pictures of what caused the accident – condition may change quickly
  • Interview witness immediately – they may be hard to find later
  • Know your statute of limitations

It is also important to understand that even though you may have been injured it does not necessarily mean you are owed compensation. There are many issued that need to be looked into, for example: Did the owner make reasonable efforts to keep the property safe? Did the owner know or should have known of the unsafe condition? Did the owner fail to reasonably or quickly fix the unsafe condition? Was the unsafe area hidden or noticeable? As I am sure you can see, Washington State “Slip and fall” premise liability cases are extremely complicated.

If you have been injured on the property of another it is important that you act quickly and contact a Washington State Slip and fall premise liability attorney. Feel free to contact us and your earliest convenience at (425) 429-1729 and schedule a free consultation.