Often time the negligent or wrongful person may have insurance that covers such negligent acts. However, filing an insurance claim can be very difficult, consuming and confusing.

It is common for someone who has been injured because of the negligence of someone else to feel like the whole process is too much and the stress level required it too high. Insurance companies know this and will try to settle your claim for the lowest amount possible.

Many people look for a Kirkland Personal injury lawyer once the feel that they will not recover fully for  their losses or the insurance company is not offering  a fair settlement. It should be understood that most insurance companies train and encourage their employees to attempt to settle low. A Kirkland PI lawyer can help you recover what you deserve and navigate the difficult claims process on your behalf.

What specifically are Kirkland personal injury accidents? Personal injury law includes basically any negligent harm or injury an individual or business causes to another person. Typical Kirkland Personal Injury claims include:

Your Kirkland Personal injury attorney from the beginning will personally get to know you and investigate your accident. the investigation will help prepare and build a case against the responsible party or their insurance. It is always the goal of the attorney to develop a case that will allow you to receive maximum recovery for your losses.

What should you do if you have been negligently injured in Kirkland, WA? Take whatever photos you can of the accident, including surrounding areas. Get medical attention, it is very important to document your injuries. Gather any evidence and get hard copies of pictures.  Do not make statements to insurance company before talking to an an injury attorney.  Continue to follow doctor’s order and seek treatment as necessary. Save all records and bills.

If you have been injured and you are looking for a Kirkland, Washington personal injury attorney, pleasecontact us as soon as possible. Our officer represents people injured thought out King County, including: Bellevue, Bothell, Redmond, Issaquah and Seattle.

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