DUI Pretrial: The Attorney Advantage Securing a qualified Washington DUI defense attorney does not mean your case will be dismissed. It doesn’t automatically mean you’ll receive the lightest sentence. But it does mean you’ll have an advantage to garner the best possible results for your case. In a court of unknown outcomes, having a strong DUI attorney on your side means you’ll be heard, your case will matter, and your future will have meaning to the professional defending it. At the law offices of Joseph C. Rome, we’re motivated by the successes of the Washington clients we’ve helped. Our success is your deferral, your dismissal, your reduced sentence—your comfort. Our reputation is to achieve stellar results, and since you won’t accept anything but the best, we won’t either. Important Dates and the Pretrial Process Similar to DUI arraignments, DUI pretrial hearings contain specific time frames for your attorney to follow. Time frames and important dates vary across courts, so it’s important that your WA DUI attorney specializes in cases from the city you’ll be appearing in—from Bellevue to Seattle. Defense attorneys also frequently maintain working relationships with the opposition, where both parties strive to create mutually beneficial outcomes. If you don’t have a Washington DUI attorney, remember that the prosecution is not on your side—regardless of your defense.

Preparing for WA DUI Pretrial Your DUI defense attorney will be able to request discovery, documents with information surrounding your case, in advance. Without a qualified DUI defense counsel, it can be extremely difficult to know howto investigate a Washington DUI. Discovery includes much more than the police report, and varies with your specific case. For example, your attorney might (with your consent) employ the services of a private investigator to evaluate the road and weather conditions and other factors of your arrest. Your Washington DUI lawyer may even request training records of the officer who arrested you. As your attorney prepares for pretrial, he’ll be determining which key pieces of evidence need to be explored in advance, so he can concentrate on building a case with the outcome you’re looking for. The key advantage of having counsel isn’t just to understand your options—it’s to wisely know which will best allow you to continue your professional and personal life after the case closes. If your case has strong grounds for a dismissal, if you’d be a good candidate for a plea bargain (pleading guilty to a crime in order to receive a lesser charge or modified sentence), or if your case should go to trial, your attorney will advise you of the choices ahead.

The Importance of Pretrial Hearings—What Happens Next Pretrial hearings signify a time of preparation and action before trial or sentencing. Where you benefit most from having an attorney is during the process. On the day of your pretrial hearing, depending on your DUI case, your attorney may present the court with the decision to go to trial, or a motion to continue. If you’ve decided to accept a plea bargain, you may be sentenced on the day of your pretrial. The research and deliberation leading up to your pretrial are what benefit you most.

Get the Difference of Strong Counsel Without experienced WA DUI counsel, preparing for a pretrial could be a missed opportunity. And if you and your attorney agree to proceed to trial, his preparation for your defense will have begun immediately. A strong attorney views defense as more than a stance—it’s dedication to you, not just your case, from arraignment forward. DUI Defense attorney Joseph C. Rome maintains advanced knowledge of the science and forensic use of roadside sobriety testing and intoxication. He was also selected to study at the Trial Lawyer College with Gerry Spence, one of the nation’s Top Trial Lawyers who has never lost a criminal case either as a prosecutor or a defense attorney. Joseph C. Rome will help you understand the legal process, experience the difference of a powerful defense, and receive results you can see. We invite you to better understand his dedication to your case through a free case review.