The DUI Arrest in Washington

Being arrest for a Washington Crime or Washington DUI can certainly be frightening, confusing and embarrassing. Washington DUI lawyer Joseph Rome has prepared some general responses to frequently asked questions regarding a Washington DUI arrest.

1. How not to get convicted for a Washington DUI? Easy answer, don’t drive… harder answers don’t drink and drive… Hardest answer, follow the remaining tips.

2. What should I say to the Police Officer? Be Calm, be nice, and be silent. Give your basic information, but after that you have the right to be silent, what you say most likely will be used against you. Some very smart people decided that you have the right to remain silent, another smart person also said, “If you are explaining, you are losing.”

3. How Should I act around the Officer? Remember a Washington DUI investigation begins when the officer witnesses your vehicle in motion and some instances even when your vehicle is not moving. Once the officer approaches he may already have a suspicion you may be under the influence. Stay calm. Have your license, insurance and registration ready to hand to the office. It is a good idea to have it always ready and in an easy to reach place. It is normal to be nervous but slowly hand the paperwork to the Office. Fumbling and shaky hands may be seen as signs of impairment or that you are affected by alcohol. The Officers are trained to ask you unusual or confusing questions. Listen carefully and remember that this is an investigation against you.

4. Should I participate in “Sobriety tests?” Politely decline. These tests are designed to gather evidence to use against you. The false positive rates on these tests are extremely high.  This includes the “eye test” HGN, Officers rely heavily on it.

5. Should I take the breath test on the roadside? Politely decline. Unless you know you will blow 0.0, it is probably not a great idea to give evidence that you have been drinking. Also, the roadside tests are not accurate and can have limited capabilities.

6. What is the Officer Still arrests me? Call a Washington DUI attorney ASAP. No matter if arrested for a DUI in Bellevue, Kirkland, Seattle, Renton, Bothell, and Everett or anywhere in King or Snohomish County,call a qualified Washington DUI lawyer for help.