Strategies Insurance Companies Use Against You

I don’t recall ever hearing from anyone that has been injured by a third-party that dealing with their insurance company was easy. Because of this anomaly is why so many injured people seek out attorneys. The reality is that insurance adjuster’s jobs are to make the process as difficult as possible within the boundaries of the law. Most people forget that Insurance companies are for-profit companies and their profits increase by maximizing premiums and minimizing payouts. I’ll demonstrate a several strategies you might expect from the insurance adjuster.

Making you feel like they are on your side

The insurance adjuster may be very nice at first and seem like your best friend. However, they will be researching behind your back and plotting to offer minimal value. Their goal will be to settle and close your case as soon as possible. Often they will attempt to settle right away, before you will even know how much pain and suffering you will experience and prior to you knowing how the medical attention will cost.

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