How to be prepared for a Washington State car accident

Loss Adjuster Inspecting Car Involved In AccidentThe unfortunate reality is that it’s not if you will be in a car accident it’s when. Excepting that reality will help you prepare for the inevitable. Below are some general tips. Please don’t allow this information to substitute the benefit of seeking out a qualified car accident attorney.

1. Have an auto accident plan

There are nearly 6 million car accidents per year, and the average driver is involved in an accident about once every 17 years. This means that by the time you are in your mid 30’s you would have been in at least one, accident and you should expect to be in 3-4 accidents in your lifetime. So, plan ahead, be prepared and know the steps to take when you are in a car accident.

2. Know your insurance

In Washington State, the minimum liability insurance one must carry $25,000/$50,000; it is probably wise to have more. For the purposes of this article I want to focus on the optional coverage, such as Personal Injury Protection (PIP) and Underinsured/Uninsured motorist coverage (UM/UIM). Both these options should be purchased. If someone with minimal insurance hits you, your injuries will likely cost more than the minimal $25,000. It is wise to select these options to protect yourself.

3. Safety is number one

In the unlucky event you are in an accident, please make sure that everyone is alright, if there is any doubt call 911 emergency right away. Hopefully, there is no emergency, and both parties can simply move their cars to a safe spot to investigate and exchange information. It is probably still a good idea to report the accident to the police. Read more

Kirkland car accidents that demonstrate why we need to drive safer:

Woman Texting On Phone And Driving CarThe holidays are coming up, and that means more people are in a rush and paying less attention when driving from place to place. NHTSA conducted a study and determined that 41% of all drivers state that the pre-crash event that led to the accident was inattention and internal or external distractions.

What came as a surprise is that 8.4% related that excessive speeding caused the accident. The other leading pre-accident activities that caused collisions where, turning or crossing at an intersection, driving off the edge of the road.

I’m not sure I am necessarily on board with this study. Speeds too fast for conditions must be a larger contributor to accidents that this study suggests. Either, it is always better to be safe and maintain appropriate speeds for the conditions. I do agree that distracted driving is a serious problem. Cell phones are probably the most dangerous thing that can be brought into the car.

Again, I am just asking everyone to drive a little safer for not only the holidays but always. There is no where you need to go so fast or any call that is so important that it is worth putting yourself, your loved ones and others in danger.

Recent examples of Kirkland car accidents that demonstrate why we need to drive safer:  Read more

October is Washington State Domestic Violence Awareness Month

defenseOctober is domestic violence Month, and domestic violence assaults have been in our media more than ever in the last few months. We all heard about the Ray Rice incident, but what do we know about domestic violence? Seattle Seahawk Quarterback Russell Wilson has apparently declared himself the spokesperson for anti-domestic violence.

However, before we all start climbing on our soapboxes, let’s figure out what domestic violence is, and what are some of the misconceptions. I am going to focus on the misdemeanor domestic violence charges because they are harder to recognize. Also, I will be focusing this article on Washington State domestic violence laws.

What misdemeanor crimes can be tagged as Domestic Violence? The following are considered domestic violence when committed by one family or household member against another.

1. Assault in the fourth Degree: an intentional touching of another personis harmful or offensive regardless of whether any physical injury is done to the person. touching is offensive if the touching would offend an ordinary person who is not unduly sensitive.

2. Reckless endangerment: recklessly engages in conduct not amounting to drive-by shooting but that creates a substantial risk of death or serious physical injury to another person.

3. Coercion: by use of a threat he or she compels or induces a person to engage in conduct which the latter has a legal right to abstain from, or to abstain from conduct which he or she has a legal right to engage in.

4. Trespass in the first degree: knowingly enters or remains unlawfully in a building

5. Trespass in the second degree: knowingly enters or remains unlawfully in or upon premises of another under circumstances not constituting criminal trespass in the first degree.

6. Malicious mischief in the third degree: Knowingly and maliciously causes physical damage to the property of another, under circumstances not amounting to malicious mischief in the first or second degree.

And more… Read more