Most common signs of DUI

.08Washington State Patrol and Local King County Police will be out looking for DUI suspects over Memorial Day weekend. I thought this would be an excellent opportunity to break down the five most common reasons Washington DUI cops claim they believe someone has driven under the influence in Washington State.

Bad driving

The first thing an officer notices when patrolling for WA Dui is the driving pattern.  This is phase one in the officer’s training: Vehicle in Motion.  The officer or Trooper will look for a moving traffic violation; equipment violation; an expired tab and so on… Furthermore, NHTSA has developed 24 driving cues which police may detect nighttime impaired driving. According to NHTSA the DUI cues were developed from a list of more than 100 driving cues that been found to predict Breath Alcohol content (BAC) of 0.08 percent or greater.  Read more

Superhero kitty cat fights off an evil dog attack to save a young boys life.

This is one of the more amazing videos I have seen recently. A young boy was riding a little bicycle when apparently the neighbor’s dog got loose and charged the boy and grabs his leg.  Out of nowhere the superhero house cat came to the boys rescue.  The cat charged and side-swiped the dog, knocked it off the boy. The cat then chased the dog off the property.  It was reported by the mother that the boy received a few stiches and will be fine.  Click to see video

The break down to this story in regards to Washington State dog bite laws: Read more

Female exotic dancer will represent herself in an upcoming DUI trial

A judge will allow an exotic dancer charged with DUI and resisting arrest to be her on lawyer for a non-jury trial next week. The judge wanted to grant a “stand-by” public defender, however she rejected that idea saying, “Public defenders did not have a client’s best interests at heart” (According to a recent article). Further, she stated that her attempts to hire an attorney failed when she was quoted $2,000.

Let’s break this down: Read more

Mountlake Terrace Police Commander arrested for DUI in Snohomish County

It was reported last week that a Mountlake Terrace, Washington Police commander was fired because he was arrested for a driving under the influence (DUI) by a Washington State Trooper.

The police officer was on call than night of the DUI arrest. The report stated that he was with others at a restaurant in Arlington, Washington drinking until about 1:00 am.  He then drove to the Tulalip Casino and eventually attempted to drive to his home in Lake Stevens, Washington.

On the way to Lake Steven’s a Washington State Trooper noticed the police officers car crossing the center line and his headlights were off.

The police officer was stopped by the trooper and agreed to submit to field sobriety tests, although he declined the portable breath test.  The police officer was subsequently arrested for a Washington DUI and later blew a breath alcohol concentration (BAC) of .055 and .058.

The police officer was charged with DUI and is being prosecuted by Snohomish County Prosecutors. He later entered a not guilty plea at Snohomish County district court according to the Everett Harold.

Let’s break this down and see what we non-police officers can learn: Read more